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Business as Usual, but Precautions Against COVID-19

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 virus issue we are taking some additional measures aboard Hermit of Hythe to keep everybody safe and healthy.

  • We will be using single use disposable cutlery when serving meals

  • We will be using disposable cups for drinks

  • Plates and utensils used for cooking will be treated with mild disinfectant (Milton’s Fluid)

  • The skipper will wear disposable gloves when preparing food.

  • Additional hand wash and sanitizer will be available for customers

  • A receptacle will be provided for disposal of any tissues etc.

  • The on-board toilet facilities will be full cleaned and sanitized before each trip (this already happens)

  • The main cabin and outside cockpit will be cleaned and scrubbed down before each trip (again this already happens)

  • We will no longer run trips for individuals for the duration of the virus issue, but only for groups where people are known to each other. If you have booked an individual trip and it is cancelled WE will make contact with you.

We believe the risk to customers is absolutely minimal, and indeed being out in the fresh salt-water air is probably one of the better places to be, but nonetheless your safety is paramount to us hence why we have taken these additional counter measures.

If you have any concerns about booking a trip or about a trip you have already booked, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

All at Hermit Charters

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